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Unraveling the Mystery: The Fate of Hydrogen Upon Absorption into the Human Body
Contrary to some perceptions, the notion that hydrogen will dissipate in the stomach due to the combination of ingested food, liquids, stomach acid, and enzymes is incorrect. Hydrogen remains stable within the body, as it neither reacts with gastric fluids nor undergoes chemical changes with digestive enzymes or acidic substances in the stomach. Additionally, it […]
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Can hydrogen also be absorbed by the skin?
Yes, your skin can absorb hydrogen. Whenever you soak in a hot bath with hydrogen water, hydrogen diffuses through the skin, and it will circulate through the entire body within 10 minutes. Technically, hydrogen diffuses through your skin, rather than your skin absorbing it. If hydrogen water is placed inside a plastic container like a […]
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Hydrogen Plants
Did you know that Hydrogen Water is good for your plants? It is time to empower your green thumb with molecular hydrogen. Read below to find out how! Seed Germination Studies show that H2 can promote the seed germination rate of winter rye and alfalfa. This finding may promote the application of hydrogen in improving […]
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Why do Pets Prefer Hydrogen Water?
Your fur babies are animals of instinct, so why is it that when you provide normal water and hydrogen water, they almost always prefer Hydrogen Water? It could be that animals instinctively gravitate towards the healthier option. Hydrogen Water has many characteristics that could benefit pets in addition to the right diet and adequate exercise. […]
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Why is Hydrogen different from other antioxidants?
There are many common sources of antioxidants in the market currently. There are whole foods with anti-oxidative properties like lemons and garlic. There is also a medley of supplements available to purchase at your local pharmacy. But what makes Hydrogen different from other antioxidants? One of the advantages of hydrogen is that it is mostly […]
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What is Shingles
What is Shingles Shingles is a viral infection that usually causes a stripe of blisters that wraps around your torso. Although the rash can appear on any part of your body, it is most common to appear around the left or right side of your torso. What Causes Shingles Shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster […]
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Doesn’t water have hydrogen in it?
One of the things we are taught in science class is that water is comprised of two types of molecules: hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). So, we are taught that a water molecule is H2O. Two hydrogen molecules, one oxygen molecule. As a result of this understanding of water molecules, it makes sense that people […]
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Gout ~ Symptoms, Causes and Prevention
Gout is one of the oldest recorded diseases, with accounts dating back to ancient Egypt. This incredibly painful arthritis affects millions of adults today just as it did in historic times. Though this old disease is becoming more common, but gout can be easily treated and then prevented — with the right care. Gout is […]
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What are the Effects of Post-Partum on Women's Body?
Plenty of new mothers have had the experience of 'postpartum' - it can even have a big impact on your body. Women who have just given birth to a child face a huge adjustment when it comes to their body and emotions. As much as you want to spend all your time with your baby, […]
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What is Cancer?
Every 12 minutes, a person is diagnosed with cancer in Malaysia. It is statistically very likely for you to develop cancer in your body. Let's learn some quick facts and statistics about cancer and how you can protect yourself from it .
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Packaged Hydrogen Water vs Hydrogen Water Machines
Hydrogen water is on the rise, for good reason. There are many scientifically-backed health benefits to it and it's a better alternative to normal tap water. This is because Hydrogen Water contains anti-oxidants, which fight inflammation. There are many types of Hydrogen Water. Today. we will be looking at packaged water and machines Why is […]
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What is the Best Water Filter in Malaysia? How does Hydrogen Water Generators compare with Alkaline Water Filters in Malaysia?
Every day we are encouraged to drink a minimum of 3-4 Litres of water a day. Being hydrated has so many benefits and is necessary to live a healthy life. But there are so many options for water filters in Malaysia available today. There’s Alkaline Water Machine, Purified Water Filters, Hydrogen Water Generators… So, which […]
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