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Why do Pets Prefer Hydrogen Water?

Your fur babies are animals of instinct, so why is it that when you provide normal water and hydrogen water, they almost always prefer Hydrogen Water? It could be that animals instinctively gravitate towards the healthier option.

Hydrogen Water has many characteristics that could benefit pets in addition to the right diet and adequate exercise.


Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are responsible for many diseases in both humans and animals, ranging from cancer, digestive diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

Molecular hydrogen functions as an antioxidant that neutralises ROS in your pet’s body. This protects your fur baby from many conditions that could affect their health while promoting their natural healing processes.

Fur Quality

Is your pet’s fur feeling coarse or patchy? Hydrogen may be the solution for you. Fur quality is improved by reducing inflammation in the follicles which can be caused by free radicals. Drinking hydrogen water aids in reducing inflammation and evens out the coat, leading to a softer fur.


As our pets age, it is natural for their energy levels to lower but there is a way to help them feel more energetic! There are studies that show that hydrogen water has anti-fatigue effects on chronically exercised test subjects.

Wound Healing

According to a study, drinking hydrogen water may assist in wound healing in pets. When you have a pet that loves to wander, they may be prone to injury, to help them recover, in addition to conventional veterinary treatments, let them try hydrogen water!

There are so many benefits to letting your pets try hydrogen water. Contact us to learn more about the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator.


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