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Hydrogen Water Generator

What is the solubility of hydrogen in the water dispensed?

The hydrogen water dispensed has the highest dissolved Hydrogen content of 1.30 mg/L.*
*1mg/L is equivalent to 1ppm (parts per million)

How much Hi-Bliss hydrogen water should one drink to get benefits?

The recommended daily consumption for healthy individuals is a minimum of 500ml of Hydrogen water with 1-3 mg/L* of dissolved Hydrogen. This recommended dosage will have to be increased for individuals with medical conditions or diseases. Rest assured, one cannot get too much H2 as any excess is simply exhaled or eliminated and does not accumulate in the body.

Can I consume Hydrogen Water if I am taking medication?

Yes, you can consume Hydrogen Water alone or in combination with medications. The Japanese Ministry of Health has approved the infusion of saline with hydrogen infusion for medical purposes. Please consult your Physician, should you still have doubts.

Are there any side effects from drinking Hydrogen Water?

There are no side effects from drinking Hydrogen Water. However, you may experience going to the washroom more frequently in the beginning as the Hydrogen Water is working to eliminate the Free Radicals from your body.

How long can I store the Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen-rich water is best consumed as soon as possible. It is possible to store hydrogen water in specially manufactured bags which can retain the hydrogen molecules for up to 7 days. Please refer to our patented Hydrogen storage bag.

Where is the Hydrogen Water Generator manufactured?

The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator is fully manufactured and assembled in Japan. To ensure the highest quality, all components used are sourced in Japan.

Where can I purchase the Hi-Bliss Water Generator?

The Hi-Bliss Water Generator can be purchased from any of our Hi-Bliss Centres or at our Office at Lot 01, Level 3A, Menara TH Uptown, No 3, Jalan SS21/39, Damansara Utama. 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Will there be Delivery service or is it cash and carry? If there is Delivery service – will there be a delivery charge?

Both options are available. Delivery charges are dependent on shipping location. Cash and carry is also available at our Hi-Bliss Centres or at our office.

What are the Consumables?

The only Consumable that requires replacement is the Filter Cartridge. Each Filter Cartridge requires a change every 3,000 litres or 1 year, whichever comes earlier.

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 2 years.

Once purchased is the unit returnable? Will there be a refund?

Unfortunately once purchased, no returns nor refunds are permissible.

Hydrogen Water

What is Hydrogen-Rich Water or Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen Water is water that is infused with dissolved hydrogen gas (H2, also known as molecular hydrogen).

How Does The Hydrogen Get Into My Water?

Hydrogen water is derived from the electrolysis method.

Don’t we get H2 when we drink H2O?

Everything contains hydrogen. It is the most abundant element in the universe. However, hydrogen is usually bound to other atoms and molecules and therefore not available purely as H2. Just as we don’t get oxygen from H2O, we don’t get H2 from water. This is because H2 and O2 in H20 are not available because they are chemically bound to the water molecule. When used therapeutically, hydrogen is dissolved into water in its molecular form, H2

What is the solubility of Hydrogen in water?

The solubility of molecular hydrogen in water maxes out at 1.6 mg/L.* The antioxidant power of H2 exceeds the equivalent amount (by volume or weight) of any other antioxidant substance.

How Does The Hydrogen In My Water Help My Body?

The benefits are multiple and widely documented. Please refer to the benefits of hydrogen.

Can Hydrogen Water Help To Reduce Cholesterol?

Promisingly, a peer-reviewed study from Japan indicated that hydrogen-rich water may help patients suffering from suspected metabolic syndrome to better manage their cholesterol levels.

Is Drinking Hydrogen Water The Best Way of Getting Hydrogen Into My Body?

Yes. Drinking hydrogen water is easily the most efficient way to get Hydrogen into our bodies and to reach the vital parts of our body, at cellular level.

Will Drinking Hydrogen Water Increase my Energy Levels?

A great many athletes and fitness enthusiasts certainly think so! Staying adequately hydrated will increase your energy, but drinking hydrogen water is better. The hydrogen boosts the power-house mitochondria of each cell, keeping the cell energized.

What Does Hydrogen Water Taste Like?

Hydrogen water tastes way better than regular water, in the sense of the pure, clean taste.

Can I Cook Using Hydrogen Water?

It is fine to use hydrogen water in whatever method of water-cooking – steaming, boiling etc. Just bear in mind that some of the hydrogen will be lost to the cooking process.

Is It Possible To Drink too Much Hydrogen?

Even if you drink lots and lots of hydrogen water, the hydrogen itself remains at zero toxicity. Scientific research has shown that Hydrogen water is safe for regular consumption as there is no danger of ‘over-dose’ and it is safe even if consumed in large quantities.

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