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Why is Hydrogen different from other antioxidants?

There are many common sources of antioxidants in the market currently. There are whole foods with anti-oxidative properties like lemons and garlic. There is also a medley of supplements available to purchase at your local pharmacy. But what makes Hydrogen different from other antioxidants?

One of the advantages of hydrogen is that it is mostly unaffected by reactive oxygen, which is needed by all living organisms. This is because of its mild antioxidative activity.

They are often demonised but reactive oxygen species are needed in our cells because they play various important roles. For example, it is necessary for sperm production, blood vessel growth, and wound healing, and exercise recovery. These can be referred to as “good reactive oxygen species,” and the oxidative effects of these reactive oxygen species are weak.

Hydrogen has antioxidant qualities that are not as potent as conventional vitamins like Vitamin C or E. This means that, while some oxygen species are good in moderation, you should be cautious about taking too many antioxidants. As hydrogen does not react with reactive oxygen species, it will not affect our bodily functions.

On top of that, hydrogen is a direct counter for bad reactive oxygen species. Bad reactive oxygen species have strong oxidative activity and can do considerable damage to an organism, which is why it's important to reduce their presence.

The reason why there is not normally a distinction between good and bad types of reactive oxygen species is that there was no need for such a distinction. This is because there was no substance that could selectively eliminate one of the two - until Hydrogen.

A strong reactive oxygen species called hypochlorite is needed to fight off invasive foreign cells like bacteria. Hydrogen does not interact with hypochlorite.

Meanwhile, hydroxyl radicals, one of the bad reactive oxygen species, will damage the body’s own cells rather than protect it. 

Since hydrogen’s antioxidative strength is not the highest, how can it be so effective?

The reason is that hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe. This allows it to pass through the cell membrane and diffuse throughout the cell. So, despite its moderate antioxidant strength, it works very efficiently.

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