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Doesn’t water have hydrogen in it?

One of the things we are taught in science class is that water is comprised of two types of molecules: hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O).

So, we are taught that a water molecule is H2O. Two hydrogen molecules, one oxygen molecule.

As a result of this understanding of water molecules, it makes sense that people would question the validity or effects of hydrogen water. Doesn't water already have hydrogen molecules in it? Shouldn't we already be getting the benefits of hydrogen if that were the case?

Yes, there is hydrogen in water. The molecule is bound to the water molecule and functions differently than the freely floating hydrogen molecules in Hydrogen Water. Both molecules exist independently of each other.

Imagine a fish swimming in the ocean. When they breathe water through their gills, they are absorbing the oxygen from the water. They are not pulling oxygen out of the H2O Bond but rather extracting the freely floating oxygen molecules.

Similarly, when we drink hydrogen water, our body does not break the atomic bonds of the water molecules. Our body cannot absorb hydrogen from normal water, but it can absorb the hydrogen molecules that are dissolved in the hydrogen water.

Hydrogen water has so many more benefits to your body compared to filtered water. Read about all the benefits of Hydrogen Water here.

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