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What to consider when planning to buy a Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

planning to buy a Portable Hydrogen Water Generator
planning to buy a Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

After learning about the many health benefits of drinking hydrogen rich water, the next step that one is likely to take is to search online for the best hydrogen water generator available. There are many hydrogen water generators available today, with most of them falling under two most common categories, which are:

  1. portable hydrogen water generator or sometimes called hydrogen water bottle or hydrogen water cup; and
  2. desktop hydrogen water generator

What is Hydrogen Water Generator?

Hydrogen rich water is easy to get nowadays especially from hydrogen water generators, be it portable or desktop model. Hydrogen, which is the lightest and smallest element, can be easily absorbed into your body. To get the best quality of hydrogen water, the water hydrogen generator needs to ensure purity of hydrogen generated with no risk of contamination of hypochlorite ions and other impurities. To enhance the water quality and safety for human consumption, it also needs to remove trihalomethane (from chlorine-based water) and prevent adhesion of calcium scales inside electrolyser. These elements are important as everyone is looking for a water generator that can produce the safest and highest concentration hydrogen water.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water Generator

Portable hydrogen generators and desktop water hydrogen generators provide hydrogen water by just fill in filtered water into the water tank or bottle. The differences from both types are mainly on its design, functions, cost, and features. Some might think that water from bottle or cup of portable hydrogen generator is enough as they use it only for drinking purposes, but there are many other ways to use the hydrogen water in our daily life such as for skin or hair care.

While the portable hydrogen water generator or hydrogen water bottle offers advantages such as convenience and a lower purchase price, it is important to consider some key facts before buying a portable water generator. As portable hydrogen water generators need to be small and light, they are likely to use smaller electrolytic cells which generate lower quantities of free hydrogen.

FIRSTLY, ensure that the dissolved hydrogen concentration generated from such portable hydrogen water generators are at a minimum of 0.5 mg/litre (ppm) of hydrogen concentration as this is the minimum standard set by the International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA). Any water with less than 0.5 mg/litre (ppm) of dissolved hydrogen is not classified as hydrogen water.

Most electrolytic cells in hydrogen water generators are made of platinum coated titanium plates (electrodes). The design (edges), thickness, surface area of the plates will affect the efficiency of hydrogen generation.

In the electrolytic cell, there are two types of plates, namely the positive plate (anode) and negative plate (cathode). During the electrolysis process when water (H2O) is split into free hydrogen and oxygen, free hydrogen is generated from the negative plate (cathode) and oxygen, chlorine, trihalomethanes, ozone and other by-products are generated from the positive plate (anode). We want the hydrogen to dissolve into our drinking water, but we do not want oxygen, chlorine, trihalomethanes, ozone and other by-products.

SECONDLY, ensure that a high-quality PEM is used to ensure harmful contaminants do not enter the drinking water.

The technology known as Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) inserted between the negative and positive plates ensures that the unwanted oxygen, chlorine, trihalomethanes, ozone and other by-products are separated and do not dissolve into the drinking water. More advanced, patented technology regulates the water pressure to prevent oxygen and trihalomethanes from dissolving in the water.


THIRDLY, ensure that there is an auto-cleaning and flushing feature in your generator.

Hardness scales are formed from the calcium and magnesium found in our drinking water. They are deposited on the cathode plate of the electrolytic cell from regular use. Over time, these hardness scales, if not removed, will reduce the efficiency of hydrogen production, resulting in decreased hydrogen concentration in the water. The solution is to prevent hardness scales from sticking onto the cathode and then flushing them out on a regular basis.

This feature, sometimes known as the ‘auto-cleaning’ feature is available in the best hydrogen water generators but may not be available in the portable hydrogen water bottles.

If you want to drink non-toxic, clean, high concentration hydrogen water anywhere, anytime, the best solution will be to generate the hydrogen water from an advanced technology desktop hydrogen water generator and store it in a hydrogen water bag designed using a patented aluminium vacuum technology that retains the high hydrogen concentration up to 7 days if left unopened.

Hydrogen water bag

Let’s look at the 5 Facts about Hydrogen Water Machines in more depth in the next blog.

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