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5 Facts about Hydrogen Water Machines

Facts about Hydrogen Water Machines
5 Facts about Hydrogen Water Machines

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about Hydrogen-rich water. Many have been discussing the therapeutic benefits of hydrogen water for well-being and boosting the immune system especially in this Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic period. 

While drinking plain water is best to keep your body hydrated, there are numerous clinical studies and research articles on the therapeutic benefits for over 170+ human diseases, in addition to many testimonies of improved quality of life for people who drink Hydrogen-rich water.

There are many ways where you get Hydrogen water, but the most common are portable or desktop water machine. 

What is Hydrogen Water Machine?

Hydrogen rich water is easy to get nowadays especially from hydrogen water generators, be it portable or desktop model. Hydrogen, which the lightest and smallest element, can be easily absorbed into your body. To get the best quality of hydrogen water, the water hydrogen machine needs to ensure purity of hydrogen generated with no risk of contamination of hypochlorite ions and other impurities. To enhance the water quality and safety for human consumption, it also needs to remove trihalomethane (from chlorine-based water) and prevent adhesion of calcium scales inside electrolyser. These elements are important as everyone is looking for a water generator that can produce the safest and highest concentration hydrogen water.

Uses of Hydrogen Water Machine

The hydrogen machines provide hydrogen water by just fill in filtered water into the water tank or bottle. The differences from both types are mainly on its design, functions, cost, and features. Some might think that water from bottle or cup of portable hydrogen generator is enough as they use it only for drinking purposes, but there are many other ways to use the hydrogen water in our daily life such as, for skin or hair care.

So, now you know about the water machine for hydrogen, which brings us to the question “Which hydrogen drinking water machine should I get?”

Which brings us to the question “Which hydrogen drinking water machine should I get?”  

Here are the 5 facts that you should know. 

FACT 1: A good Hydrogen Water Machine should produce a high concentration of Molecular Hydrogen (and dissolved hydrogen) in the water.

What you want to make sure is that the machine you are considering is not only producing high concentration of hydrogen gas with neutral pH but more importantly, the high concentration of dissolved hydrogen in the water. 

It is essential to understand the relationship between the total amount of hydrogen produced and the total amount of dissolved hydrogen gas. Do not be misled with the claims of the production of high concentration of Hydrogen as the higher Hydrogen generation does not automatically mean higher dissolved Hydrogen in water. 

Instead, preference should be for a hydrogen drinking water machine system which is more efficient in not only producing a higher percentage of hydrogen gas but a higher dissolved hydrogen content in the water.

FACT 2: Hydrogen Water Machines are varied in quality and prices.

There are many different brands of the machines in the marketplace. One may be more appealing in terms of design or cheaper than the other. What you want to make sure is that they are utilizing high quality materials combined with the right technology to produce fresh and highest quality hydrogen-rich water. 

Some of the better ones utilizes high quality PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) materials and advanced technology in the electrolysis chambers which maximizes the hydrogen gas production. It is actually a proven technology that is so effective that it is often used for mass production of hydrogen gas and fuel cells.

FACT 3: Hydrogen Water Machine with Patented technology and notable Accreditation.

Typically, a good machine uses an advance technology which is patented for its  unique structural design of the electrolyser plates combined with controlled pressurization of the electrolytic membrane, in addition to high quality PEM and electrode plates materials, to ensure the production of not only highly concentrated hydrogen water but also water that is safe for consumption.

As we are becoming more aware about hydrogen-infused water and its benefits for the prevention of disease and overall wellness, it is essential that there is a reference point to an international standard of molecular hydrogen. Otherwise, the government, commercial media and advertising may lead to confusion for these molecular hydrogen related products.

For example, reference can be made to IHSA (International Hydrogen Standards Association) certification standards for Hydrogen water, dated September 14, 2017. The certification will be designated or awarded to a product if it has met the minimum standard requirements set forth by IHSA.

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FACT 4: Hydrogen Water Machine is not the same as Alkaline Water Ionizers Machine.

Both machines may use the same process (known as electrolysis) to generate hydrogen-rich water but they are both very different systems.

A Hydrogen-rich Water Machine is consistent in production of hydrogen concentration through Unidirectional Proton Exchange Membrane without affecting the pH. Since the machine is optimized and designed to produce neutral pH hydrogen-rich water, the results also do not vary from the source water and flow rate. The process of hydrogen dissolution is also different and scaling, which gives less concern on loss of high hydrogen concentration. 

On the contrary, Alkaline Water Ionizers machines (some brands called it as Alkaline Hydrogen Water Purifier) are often optimized and designed to produce alkaline water, not hydrogen gas. Nonetheless, small amount of hydrogen gas is produced when it uses a process of electrolysis which a Bidirectional Ion-permeable membrane separates the alkaline water at the cathode and oxygen/chlorine gas and acidic water at the anode. As such, most Alkaline Water Ionizer products produces hydrogen concentration by slowing the flow of the water but the water produced often has a very high pH has well, which makes the water rather unpleasant to drink. Water that is too alkaline has a bitter taste. It can cause deposits that encrust pipes and appliances. 

FACT 5: Hydrogen Water Machine is NOT a Water Purifier. 

Both are different machines with different functions.

Water Purifier in Malaysia has been in the market for decades. Although tap water in Malaysia is safe to drink, according to the National Water Service Commission (SPAN), many would prefer to have a water purifier or water filter at home to ensure contaminants are being removed and ensure the water is safe to drink. 

On the other hand, a typical home-based Hydrogen-rich Water Machine in Malaysia would require water to be refilled in a water tank and no piping works required. Hence, it is designed with its purpose to infuse hydrogen gas into pure water in such a way that it is compact, lightweight, portable with self-cleaning features and an additional filter to remove impurities.

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Let’s look at the The different types of water and what you should know about them in more depth in the next blog.

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