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Warranty Terms & Conditions for Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator

Warranty Period

The Warranty period shall be twenty-four (24) months from the date of delivery of Product against defective parts and manufacturing defects.

In addition, the Warranty only applies to the initial purchase and the Warranty shall cease if the Product is rented, sold or otherwise disposed of by the Customer.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

This Warranty applies only to purchases made directly from our Company, and/or our authorized distributors and/or their appointed dealers operating in Malaysia. This Warranty is only valid in Malaysia and is subject to the laws of Malaysia.

The Delivery Order must be completed with machine serial number, Customer particulars (Customer name, NRIC number, address and contact numbers) and signed by Customer with date of receipt. The complete Delivery Order, acknowledged and signed by Customer with date of receipt shall be returned to us within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt.

The Customer is required to provide the machine serial number and his/her particulars for warranty claims.



This Warranty does not apply to maintenance kits (periodic or otherwise), accessories and consumable items and does not extend to any Product which the serial number has been removed. In addition, this Warranty does not cover any of the followings:-

  • 正常磨损;
  • 在正常使用过程中需要定期更换的任何损坏、缺陷、故障和/或有故障的消耗品和/或配件;
  • any damages and failures of the product which has been tampered with, dismantled, repaired and/or modified by any person not authorized by our Company;
  • any damages, defects and failures arising from replacement of component parts with any non-genuine parts;
  • 产品外壳的任何损坏、凹痕、污损、划痕、污渍或标记;
  • 任何因任何外部原因(包括事故、火灾、闪电、天灾,或由昆虫、害虫或任何其他类似事件引起)引起、引起或附带的产品或产品中的任何损坏、缺陷、故障;
  • 因任何最终用户或第三方的滥用和/或疏忽而引起的任何损害和故障;
  • 因违反产品手册和/或用户指南使用产品而导致的任何损坏和故障;
  • 因电源等外部影响而引起的任何损坏和故障;
  • 因产品的运输或储存而引起的任何故障、缺陷或损坏;
  • falsification of serial number of the Product or the date of receipt;
  • 在阳光直射、通风受阻、表面不稳定、电源延长线或适配器、空间不足或极端温度的地方安装产品。

Upon occurrence of the following events, the Company may at its sole discretion, immediately terminate the Warranty and treat the Warranty as null and void whereupon the Company shall no longer be liable or responsible to carry out any warranty work notwithstanding that the Product is still within the warranty period:-

  • any assignment, sale or transfer of the Product by the Customer to any other party;
  • any tampering, dismantling, repair, maintenance, modification carried out on the Product by any person not authorized by our Company;
  • 用任何非原装零件更换零部件;
  • 产品的任何滥用、疏忽、误用、篡改或错误管理;
  • 违反其手册和/或用户指南使用产品;
  • 产品或保修证书或购买凭证上的序列号的任何损坏或篡改。

All decisions by the Company on complaints, defects, workmanship and/or material shall be final and conclusive.

Warranty Terms & Conditions
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