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Unraveling the Mystery: The Fate of Hydrogen Upon Absorption into the Human Body
Contrary to some perceptions, the notion that hydrogen will dissipate in the stomach due to the combination of ingested food, […]
Can hydrogen also be absorbed by the skin?
Yes, your skin can absorb hydrogen. Whenever you soak in a hot bath with hydrogen water, hydrogen diffuses through the […]
Hydrogen Plants
Did you know that Hydrogen Water is good for your plants? It is time to empower your green thumb with […]
Why do Pets Prefer Hydrogen Water?
Your fur babies are animals of instinct, so why is it that when you provide normal water and hydrogen water, […]
Why is Hydrogen different from other antioxidants?
There are many common sources of antioxidants in the market currently. There are whole foods with anti-oxidative properties like lemons […]
What is Shingles
What is Shingles Shingles is a viral infection that usually causes a stripe of blisters that wraps around your torso. […]
Doesn’t water have hydrogen in it?
One of the things we are taught in science class is that water is comprised of two types of molecules: […]
Gout ~ Symptoms, Causes and Prevention
Gout is one of the oldest recorded diseases, with accounts dating back to ancient Egypt. This incredibly painful arthritis affects […]
What are the Effects of Post-Partum on Women's Body?
Plenty of new mothers have had the experience of 'postpartum' - it can even have a big impact on your […]
What is Cancer?
Every 12 minutes, a person is diagnosed with cancer in Malaysia. It is statistically very likely for you to develop […]
Packaged Hydrogen Water vs Hydrogen Water Machines
Hydrogen water is on the rise, for good reason. There are many scientifically-backed health benefits to it and it's a […]
What is the Best Water Filter in Malaysia? How does Hydrogen Water Generators compare with Alkaline Water Filters in Malaysia?
Every day we are encouraged to drink a minimum of 3-4 Litres of water a day. Being hydrated has so […]
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