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Hydrogen water is on the rise, for good reason. There are many scientifically-backed health benefits to it and it's a better alternative to normal tap water.

This is because Hydrogen Water contains anti-oxidants, which fight inflammation. There are many types of Hydrogen Water. Today. we will be looking at packaged water and machines

Why is packaged hydrogen water popular?

Hydrogen water is sometimes found in quick to drink form, making it easier to take on the go. Additionally, it claims to be storable for long periods of time. This makes carrying Hydrogen Water practical for when you're at work, exercising, travelling and so on.

Another interesting detail is that packaged Hydrogen Water may seem affordable due to a low upfront cost.

What are the differences between Hydrogen Water Generators and Packaged Hydrogen Water?

If you purchase the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator, it will be cheaper than buying packaged H2 Water at a store or supplier in the long run. This is due to a significantly lower cost per litre. Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water is only RM 0.58 per Litre!

Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generators are 100% manufactured in Japan and distributed directly to our customers. This reduces a lot of the long-term financial costs of drinking Hydrogen Water.

In addition, the one-time-use nature of Packaged Hydrogen Water may be unsustainable. Comparatively, Hydrogen Water Generators produce a consistent supply while minimizing waste. Furthermore, as the Hydrogen is generated on the spot, the concentration will be at its peak upon consumption.

Why choose the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator over Packaged Hydrogen Water?

The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator is certified by the International Hydrogen Standards Association and the Japanese Hydrogen Promotions Associations. This means that Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generators provide the benefits of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories because they can produce sufficient hydrogen concentration in water.

Furthermore, different methods are used in the mass production process for determining H2 concentration in Hydrogen water. Some companies test it at the machine's generating chamber, while others examine it at the final product itself. Our method of testing H2 concentration is to examine it after dispensing using gas chromatography. This allows for the most detailed and consistent approach to identifying the amount of molecular hydrogen in a glass of Hydrogen Water.

Is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Portable?

The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator may not be as portable due to its size, but the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Bag is more convenient as it can be filled with water from the generator. While hydrogen water normally loses potency within 2 hours when exposed to atmospheric pressure, the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Bag retains Hydrogen Water for up to 7 days! If you would like to learn more about the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Bag as a means to having portable Hydrogen Water, read more here:

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